Astra was extablished on 2005, in order to collect the experiences of some young managers in the fields of Aeronautical and Space Engineering and Technical-Scientific Instrumentation.

Astra offices are in Naples, Via Arte della Lana, in the hystorical center zone. The production unit is in Market Square, in the city center also.

The well-established capabilities in the Aeropace Field, together with technical and design skills and a smart organization with low costs are mains Astra assets.




Astra has the means, the staff and the skills to fulfill a very specialized group of aerospace applications, in particular:
a) space applications, mainly concerning atmospheric re-entry and thermal protection systems;
b) aeronautical applications, especially concerning anti-icing and de-icing systems for small aircrafts

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Astra was specialized for design and manufacturing of Heat Flux and Temperature Probes for Aerospace and Energy Fields. Temperature is the physical quantity most often detected in any process (togheter pressure), but Heat flux is a very important quantity in many aspects of Aerospace and Energy applications also (i.e. planetary re-entry, supersonic and hypersonic flows, turbogas plants).


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