Heat Flux Sensors

    Astra manufactures many types of slug sensors, both standard and custom designed.
    Astra is also able to select and supply many other sensors, including Gardon sensors,
    Schmidt-Boelter sensors, thermopile sensors and others.

Heat Flux and Temperature Probes

       Most of the thermocouples installed in their slug sensors are manufactured by Astra.
       We are also able to supply thermocouples for any application and  temperature range, even on customer drawings.
       Temperature and heat-flux sensors can be integrated into probes of any shape and size, both standard and customized.



Multiple-sensor Probes (pressure-heat flux, pressure-temperature)

     Complex, multiple-sensor Probes, equipped with temperature, heat flux and pressure sensors can be
     manufactured by Astra on custom design, including probe supports and thermal protection devices
     for thermally critical areas of the probes themselves.


Enthalpy Probes

     These special probes have been designed for extreme temperature measurements in gases,
      far beyond the limits of any other sensor.
      Moreover, these probes, appropriately instrumented, can measure many other quantities of interest in reactive
      gaseous streams, such as chemical composition and total pressure.


Electro-Thermal Icing Protection Systems for Aircraft Structures

       Astra is developing an ElectroThermal Ice Protection System for Wing Leading  Wdges,
       which has already shown good performances in wind tunnel tests.
       The developed system can be customized for different applications, where a very fast and uniform heating

        is required.


Thermal Protection Systems

Astra has acquired a long and deep experience into  Design and Testing of Thermal Protection Systems for Space applications, an experience that can be "re-used" for the design
of different Advanced Thermal Protection Applications. For any  of your needs, please contact us